How to Add a Profile Readme in GitHub

Recently, GitHub released a new feature, we can now add a readme for our profile just like we do it for our repositories. It looks amazing and it is useful for displaying your social media links, projects, achievements etc.

Create a New Repository

Create a new public repository and make sure that the name of this repository is same as your username, so for example my GitHub username is thewhiteh4t so I created a repository and named it as thewhiteh4t and don't forget to initialize it with a README, that's the whole point! GitHub will also display a nice message when you do that...

Design a Nice Readme

You can use markdown and HTML or a combination of both, numerous cheatsheets and guides are available for both so I will not cover that but recently a friend of mine compiled a nice collection of templates from which you can take some inspiration.
Awesome Profile README Templates by Kautuk Kundan

Here is mine at the time of writing this...