What's New in FinalRecon v1.0.2

I have added and improved multiple things in this release which enables finalrecon to be faster than before and now it has new capabilities. Below is a breakdown of all the changes present in this release.

Improvements and New Modules

  • Improved URL Handling, URLs with a path are supported, domains and hostname are correctly separated now.
  • Tool version checking added, if I have released a new version and you are running an old version, it will notify you during startup that an update is now available along with the version.
  • Dependency checking added, if you are missing any dependency or if I add any new dependency and it's not installed on your machine, you will get the name of the dependency which is missing along with pip3 command to install it.
  • Time taken to execute desired commands will now be calculated and displayed when all modules finish executing
  • Crawler
    • Significant speed improvement in crawling
    • Javascript crawling added, links present inside javascripts will now be extracted
  • DNS Enumeration Added
    • DNS Records : A, AAAA, ANY, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, TXT Records
    • DMARC Records
  • Subdomain Enumeration
    • Subdomains are collected from 5 sources and then only unique subdomains are displayed as result along with total count
      • BuffOver
      • crt.sh
      • ThreatCrowd
      • AnubisDB
      • ThreatMiner
  • Traceroute
    • Protocols
      • UDP
      • TCP
      • ICMP
  • Directory Searching
  • Port Scan
    • Fast
    • Top 1000 Ports
    • Open Ports with Standard Services
  • Export
    • Formats
      • txt
      • xml
      • csv